Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New HG Gundam IBO Kits up on Amazon

While browsing a day ago I noticed the newer Gundam IBO Season 2 kits are up and mostly on pre-order at Amazon. What's more, I noticed their prices are surprisingly fair! I thought I'd pass this along for those of you who prefer Amazon to the other import retailers.

Gundam Barbatos Lupus
IO Frame
MS Option Set 6

Best yet most of those qualify for free shipping with Prime, so that really sweetens the deal. If you're looking to buy these, or were on the fence I'd consider this.

Gunpla Gundam IBO HGGunpla Gundam IBO HGGunpla Gundam IBO HG

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Gundam Barbatos Lupus 1/144 Review + New Images

So as the Gundam IBO 2nd season kits are starting to drop, we have an out of box review of the Gundam Barbatos Lupus HG kit that came out just today. While it doesn't have the personality of the older Barbatos, I'm starting to feel rather glad I preordered this gunpla after looking at it. I can't wait to see how this one will look with a little weathering and some matt coat.

Check out Schizophonic9's page here.

HGIBO Gunpla

HGIBO Gunpla

HGIBO Gunpla

Sunday, July 24, 2016

P-Bandai HGUC GMII Semi Striker

And so the P-Bandai exclusive rampage of late continues with the reveal of the new HGUC GMII Semi Striker from Gundam Unicorn. Why??? Why is this an exclusive? The HGUC line needs more new additions like this. Meanwhile they've probably got an extended line up of random Revive kits in the works made from Build Fighters left overs.

SMH, I want this. Check out the pics here.

EDIT: I'm crazy, apparently this was announced exactly one year ago, but the good news is that it's getting a restock for whatever that's worth, so yeah...

P-Bandai sucks. D:

gunpla gundam model

gunpla gundam model

gunpla gundam model

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Shizuoka HOBBY SHOW 2016: Revive Hyakushiki, RG Sinanju & more

So the big reveal everyone's been waiting to see dropped today at the 2016 Shizuoka Hobby Show, the Mobile Suit that would be HGUC #200. And the suit is...... A Revive Hyaku Shiki.

HGUC GunplaHGUC Gunpla
 A lot of people have been pretty pleased with this reveal, and I also am glad they're making this kit. Though, the 200th HGUC gunpla feels like it shoud've been something new in my opinion. Remakes are nice, but I find it somewhat depressing if the series devolves into an endless amount of version 2.0's and 3.0's, but I digress. It is pretty nice we're getting this kit. It looks great and the yellow plastic will be easy to paint.

Real Grade GunplaReal Grade Gunpla

Next reveal: The Real Grade Sinanju! I've not felt the same enthusiasm for the RG kits other fans seem to have, but this one has me curious. The chrome gold looks like it could be very, very nice depending on it's execution here, and has obvious advantages to the HG kit. Here's to hoping this one's a fairly solid build.

gundam iron blooded orphans
There was also this new Iron Blooded Orphans Gundam shown, which has no name at the moment. I think it's from the same Manga Gundam Astaroth is from. I don't have much to say about it, but the colors are pretty solid.

And there you have it. A few other things were shown, but mostly old stuff and Build Fighters junk I don't care about. Check it out here.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

First Look at HG Origin MSD Gundam, New Gunpla Images

So a fabulous new Gundam the Origin gunpla has been revealed today, the Mobile Suit Discovery Gundam! Amazingly I don't know very much about this suit ATM, but I think it's a prototype to the RX-79 (G). Check it out!

Gundam The Origin gunpla

Gundam The Origin gunpla

Gundam The Origin gunpla

Robot Spirits Force Impulse Gundam Official Images

So some official images from Bandai of the Robot Spirits Force Impulse Gundam have arrived. While this is a rather dashing figure, I think it's not for me really. For nearly fifty bucks there just isn't enough there to really entice me into a purchase, not when the same Gundam will have an HG Revive gunpla soon. Still though, I notice in these pics it comes with parts that allow it to stab through Freedom Gundam, which is notably cool. Check out the pics:

robot spirits gundam

robot spirits gundam

robot spirits gundam

robot spirits gundam

Monday, April 4, 2016

HGUC Gouf, Gundam and Guncannon Revive Real Type Gunpla Images

So some new gunpla images have come out from Dengeki Hobby featuring the new P-Bandai exclusive HGUC Revive Gundam, Gouf and Guncannon Real Type color versions. These are looking REALLY tempting to me so I might lay down the cash for them, but it depends on how much I can find them for.

gunpla HGUC real type

gunpla HGUC real type

gunpla HGUC real type

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Graze Ein hi-rez Official Gunpla Images

So the latest official images of the HG Graze Ein from gundam Iron Blooded orphans have come out for all to see. The kit still looks about as strong as it did when it was first announced, so go ahead and see for yourself below. I've also added it's page to my Gunpla Database, which you can see here.

hg gundam ibo

hg gundam ibo

hg gundam ibo

Thursday, March 24, 2016

New HGUC Gunpla Exclusives Revealed

Via TAG Hobby we can see some new magazine scans with P-Bandai exclusive Real-Type color variants of the HGUC Revive Gundam, Revive Gouf and Revive Guncannon. Interestingly, the Guncannon appears to have new rocket mounts. I have to say that Gouf looks rather dashing in those colors, though I don't see enough there to be worth importing ATM.

HGUC Revive P-Bandai

Also, a scan of some new images of the 1/100 Graze Kai and  Mcgillis's Schwalbe Graze:

mcgillis's schwalbe graze

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

HGIBO Graze Ein Official Gunpla Images

The first official images of The Iron Blooded Orphans HG Graze Ein have just surfaced. The more I see of this suit the more I have to say I do rather like it. I kinda wish it had a little more in the way of some weapons, but overall it has a pretty intimidating look, and I REALLY like how big it is. Looking forward to this one.

hg graze gunpla
hg graze gunpla

hg graze gunpla

hg graze gunpla

Monday, March 21, 2016

New Gunpla Images: HGIBO Graze Ein/ MS G!

So thanks to Kanetake on twitter for a few of the images, we have our first look at the Graze Ein (the "MS G" that's been listed for awhile) from Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans! I've not been too impressed with IBO thus far, but I'm liking the look of this Graze in particular. Might add it to my gunpla collection if nothing else from the HGIBO line up.

hgibo gunplahgibo gunpla

hgibo gunpla

hgibo gunpla

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gundam Expo Gunpla Exclusives Revealed!

So at what I believe is an upcoming Gundam Expo in Utsunomiya (or maybe it's already happened? I've gotta brush up on that Japanese :/) there will be some new gunpla exclusives. Pretty straight forward stuff, but a few items I think are especially interesting. The images here and below:

gunpla exclusivegunpla exclusivegunpla exclusivegunpla exclusivegunpla exclusivegunpla exclusive

gunpla exclusive

The lot of the exclusive are translucent variants of existing kits. Above are a clear F91, G-Self, Barbatos, Unicorn Full Armor, Strike Freedom, Tri Burning and Star Winning Gundam. Amusing items but nothing greatly impressive.

gunpla exclusivegunpla exclusivegunpla exclusive

However, a few rather interesting kits are mixed in here. The HGUC G-3 Gundam and Zeta Plus are rather enticing. I'm less into the Banshee Norns Green frame titanium finish Ver., but it looks like a nice exclusive. The neon Bearguy and mass production Puchigguy they can keep though. Enough Bearguy's Bandai! I hate them!