Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gundam Expo Gunpla Exclusives Revealed!

So at what I believe is an upcoming Gundam Expo in Utsunomiya (or maybe it's already happened? I've gotta brush up on that Japanese :/) there will be some new gunpla exclusives. Pretty straight forward stuff, but a few items I think are especially interesting. The images here and below:

gunpla exclusivegunpla exclusivegunpla exclusivegunpla exclusivegunpla exclusivegunpla exclusive

gunpla exclusive

The lot of the exclusive are translucent variants of existing kits. Above are a clear F91, G-Self, Barbatos, Unicorn Full Armor, Strike Freedom, Tri Burning and Star Winning Gundam. Amusing items but nothing greatly impressive.

gunpla exclusivegunpla exclusivegunpla exclusive

However, a few rather interesting kits are mixed in here. The HGUC G-3 Gundam and Zeta Plus are rather enticing. I'm less into the Banshee Norns Green frame titanium finish Ver., but it looks like a nice exclusive. The neon Bearguy and mass production Puchigguy they can keep though. Enough Bearguy's Bandai! I hate them!

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