Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron

A toy I always wanted in my early childhood was Beast Wars Megatron. When I was a kid, the tougher something seemed, the more it clicked with me, and Megatron met and exceeded all my standards. He was a dinosaur (a Tyrannosaurus Rex, no less), he was huge, he had an evil voice, and he was the strongest of all the Predacons. But for all how awesome he was, and all how much I wanted him, I never got him.
Then late 2006 Beast Wars turned ten and Hasbro reissued many of the original deluxe figures. This I had known for awhile, but what I didn’t know until closer to December, was that the original Megatron and Optimus Primal were back as a Toy’s R” Us exclusive set. I’m not sure if ever in my life I’ve found something new and wanted quite so badly in such a brief moment. It was all the pent up desires from my early childhood.
Little to say, I got the set for Christmas that year. Something I didn’t notice until closer to this point was that Hasbro/Takara had gone back and made them far more show-accurate than they had been originally. In addition to better paint applications, both figures had new heads that did not have the silly battle masks they did originally. Better for me, seeing as how I mainly remembered them from the show this way.
Little enhancements aside, the toy was still rather impressive. The articulation was still good for a Transformer of the mid 2000’s, despite that he was one of the mid 90’s. The conversion from T Rex mode to robot was all it needed to be. The size was another aspect where he hit the mark, given he was large enough to be incredibly imposing, but not so much larger than a normal figure that it’d seem ridiculous. Heck, even the gimmicks on the figure are pretty fun, with two hip mounted missile launchers and a squirt-gun in the dino head.
All in all, it’s hard for a figure like this to be anything other than a highlight of my Transformers collection, not to mention my Beast Wars one. It’s worth mentioning that the Optimus Primal is excellent as well, but when it comes down to it: Gorilla < T Rex.


  1. That was a great read, Neko! I never paid much attention to these as they were during my Toybiz marvel phase, but now I wish I had.

    I really dig that last pic too, btw. I don't recall them looking THAT good in Dino mode.

    1. Thanks again man. Beast Wars were some of the first action figures I remember getting, though I did miss out on a few. At least they don't go for as much now as G1 figures!