Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some Gems (or Turds?) from the End of the Gundam Line.

Writing on the Gundam Battle Scarred line a few days ago got me interested, so after some digging here are a few unreleased items that were planned for the Gundam line in America before it ended around 2005/06.

Above is Battle Scarred Tallgeese, Wing Gundam, Shenlong, and Sandrock. There was also a Heavyarms and Deathscythe, though I'm unable to find pictures of them at the moment. Not real big on any of these, but Tallgeese anything is cool in my book, and I love the beat up Leo in Shenlong's display base.

The Battle Scarred G Gundam stuff always left me with mixed feelings, but these are a pair I can say I would've bought for sure. Seemed like the stuff infected with DG cells made for cooler toys, they were like Gundam zombies or something.

Lastly, here's Duel Gundam and a non-Battle Scarred Astray Gold Frame (pictures lifted off CollectionDX). I always had a thing for gold crap, but Duel I don't find very interesting. It's a cool suit, just not like this.

There were also plans to bring over Blitz Gundam, the GINN, and a Qubeley from ZZ Gundam, non-Battle Scarred. I would have really appreciated it if Bandai had put out a GINN or Blitz in the initial and only wave of Gundam Seed toys, over the FIVE Strike Gundams they opted for instead. At least all of those got released in Japan (unlike anything pictured here.)


  1. Thanks for sharing, Neko! I've never seen these protos before. These would've been so cool! Talgese and Wimg Gundam are particularly nice. Bandai really went balls out w/ the Gundam liscense.

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